The beauty of a flower stands out in all seasons of its life. Even beyond its life. These words perfectly convey what Sara Z. wants to express through her own project called “Fiori”.

The artist muses over how often women are associated with flowers, but wrinkles and scars are part of women’s life, too . The artist also focuses on a common gesture: bringing flowers home. Blooming with lively colours, exciting smell. Alive, in a word. Beauty, however, is not going to last just a few days until the flower withers. Sara dwells on this very last part of its existence and shows it in its new appearance. Decadent, for sure, but immortal. This ‘aura’ of immortality makes the flower beautiful again, though in a different way .

A flower is forever. Like the beauty we all have within ourselves . Beauty hides itself everywhere, in people, in things. Sara Z. encourages us to learn to spot and catch it by going beyond the glare of appearance.

A flower is like a woman. Wrinkles, scars, whitening hair are all signs of the passing time that make up the essential knowledge and experience in everybody’s life. The image of women, normally forced into the ‘Olympus of perfection’, finally collapses and gets back to being really alive. Really human, beyond any appearance.